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he Itchy Kitty" is a new cat in the alley, only opening it's doors in December 2012.


Established as a career change for the performing artist known around Sydney town as 'Trash Vaudeville".

 Whilst not abandoning the stage completely circumstances have required the need to diversify. 


Always a lover of art and design, Trash has used his creative eye to pick and choose old gems from amongst the flotsam and jetsam . 'The Itchy Kitty" is a one man band with a supporting cast of consigners and scouts on his side. A small scale operation big on delivering the goods!



Some pictures of performance, old and new., including image with Kira Carden as Hula La

Trash Vaudeville, aka Jonathan James, is an artist whose work and experience has included the roles as a performing artist, illustrator, animator and sometime creator of experimental works that cross and combine these fields.

Using any quiet time in the shop to produce more illustrations , sketch work and small paintings infused with a strong influence from the vintage and retro wares that surround!


PLEASE NOTE! Now closed in Potts Point,       openng soon...
Level 1
180B Campbell St, Surry Hills
Above Zoo Emporium
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