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True Heritage

So as I've previously mentioned, many folks drop by with wares to sell and for the most part what they are offering is not what I do, or their expectations are that I can afford to pay close to a retail price for their goods. Then there is always the danger of stolen goods! I previously was located in Enmore road and the premises had parking at the rear exclusively for residents in the adjacent block. One day a woman came in trying very hard to sell me a plastic and pine wood C.D stand. She just wouldn't take no for an answer. Now I diplomatically tried to explain that it wasn't appropriate to the era of wares I deal in, where upon she pointed to a small oval metal plaque on the rack and said " this is a heritage item, it's heritage!". I don't mind folks trying there luck but this was insulting to my intelligence, and as a good friend whom I once worked with on the door of a club said to an unreasonable patron, this conversation was embarrassing for the both of us! But some people have no shame and she continued on to tell me that she had damaged her car in the parking area out the back bringing the stand especially to me! not subtly implying I should buy the rack to compensate for the damage to her car. I'm not interested in insulting people, and her sell was so hard she must have truly been desperate, but I was not even going to touch that dodgy C.D rack, maybe one day they will have some kinda kooky appeal but I wouldn't look at this one twice if I saw it on the side of the street. In the end I agreed and said ok it's heritage and suggested she try her luck with the vintage dealers on King St Newtown for a true appraisal, Now that I have moved my business to King Street I guess I can't be surprised when this comes my way!

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