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The Life and Death of Inanimate Objects.

So the cosmic amongst us, and I have my tendencies, might have a lot to say about the energy of the myriad of objects that inhabit our daily lives. One thing for sure is the many untold and unknowable journeys of vintage wares. But often there are distinct clues, like the time I travelled to a suburban bungalow to collect a retro stool and two bedside lamps. The woman mentioned that the objects had been her Mother's and I didn't need to ask to realise I was purchasing from a deceased estate. But more telling was the wear to the bedside lamps. The heat of the bulb had changed over time the texture of the wooden base to one lamp. The other lamp, from the other side of the bed, was looking a lot less used. The story of a partner left on her own for some years was there in the subtle patina. Was it a story of sorrow? perhaps, I got some kind of vibe. Other times the same clues seem joyful. I have a set of four 1950's harlequin ( multi coloured) tumblers, purchased from a woman who informed me they had been her grandmother's. If looked at closely I could see her favourite must have been yellow from of the colours as the gold gilding on the grip was almost completely worn away. I wondered what she'd been drinking! Only occasionally will I steer clear of something with too much vibe going on. Next time it happens I'll post up a pic!

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