July 12, 2016

So as I've previously mentioned, many folks drop by with wares to sell and for the most part what they are offering is not what I do, or their expectations are that I can afford to pay close to a retail price for their goods. Then there is always the danger of stolen goods!
I previously was located in Enmore road and the premises had parking at the rear exclusively for residents in the adjacent block. One day a woman came in t...

June 25, 2016

  So the cosmic amongst us, and I have my tendencies, might have a lot to say about the energy of the myriad of objects that inhabit our daily lives. One thing for sure is  the many untold and unknowable journeys of vintage wares.
But often there are distinct clues, like the time I travelled to a suburban bungalow to collect a retro stool and two bedside lamps. The woman mentioned that the objects had been her Mother...

June 22, 2016

I have wheels, but it's just a pair of roller skates stashed away in an old trunk. 
I am vision impaired, not blind, but some things have always been a challenge. I have never qualified for a drivers licence but have always loved the design of cars and the freedom they represent.  I gotta say that my transport situation is the biggest flaw in my vintage shop business plan. Especially due to my love of furniture pieces.  B...

June 21, 2016

Why hello!
This is my first attempt at a blog post to accompany my small vintage shop web page. Hopefully it can offer you some amusement in your day!
Can I start by saying "blog" is such an ugly word!

I have a dilemma in that I would love to share with you stories of some of the odd folk who haunt the vintage shops of the Newtown area, but in truth it doesn't seem fair, perhaps some snippets without names shall suffice! ( Wh...

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Now open in Potts Point!
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